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Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)

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Star Trek: Voyager follows the stellar adventures of Federation starship Voyager, a sweet ride that's under the command of Captain Kate Mulgrew's sweet, sweet hide. With her courageous crew, Kate is on the tail of a renegade Marquis ship when they're tossed a few thousand light years off course into the Delta Quadrant. Now she has to team up with her targets in order to find a way to make the seventy-five-year-long trip home. And in the fourth season, the Voyager gets a new crew member in Jeri Ryan, one of the sexiest sirens ever to grace the boob tube! As for the show itself, it's far better than what it has any right to be. Sure, it may have started off on some shaky ground, but gradually it levelled off into a good Sci-Fi show. It took a while to find its unique niche, but over it's stint on TV it has proven itself as comparable to the original Star Trek in some measure. There's humor, drama, and even a dose of horror in some episodes. For the first time since the original 1960s series, Star Trek characters are truly going where nobody had gone before, discovering new races and acquiring knowledge. The only thing that could make a flesh fiend Trek nerd even happier is if there was far more nudity on display. It's not what the series is known for, of course, but that would have been uncharted territory worth exploring! Now it's time to take a Voyage into the zipper region!