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Siete chicas peligrosas

Siete chicas peligrosas (1978)

Great Nudity!

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Seven sultry dames put their heads together to try to fleece a cadre of aristocratic gents in the smutty Spanish comedy Siete chicas peligrosas (1978). Distributed internationally as Seven Deadly Females, Pedro Lazaga’s comedy stars Nadiuska, Beatrice Giorgi, Verónica Miriel, and other ravishing actresses as courtesan con artists who decide to bank on the theory that no man can resist the sum of their collective charms. By stripping down to their skivvies and making seductive eyes at the wealthiest citizens of their city, the seven women are sure that they can sex up their marks and leave them bereft of their bank accounts. The starlets certainly have the goods to deliver, and the true beneficiaries are the movie’s viewers, who can enjoy the fleshy flashes without parting with their wallets.