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She Cat

She Cat (1983)

Great Nudity!

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A foxy female doctor's dark past comes back to haunt her in the sleazy Nikkatsu "pink" flick She Cat (1983). Doctor "Cat" Kagami (Ai Saotome) is an ob-gyn who was once involved with the son of a prominent politician, but now is more interested in the affections of her lesbian lover Kotoe (Sachiko Ito). When Cat finds herself on the wrong side of some very bad men, she's more than happy to grab her gun and get some good old-fashioned revenge...speaking of guns, you'll be squeezing out a few rounds of your own when you see Ai and Sachiko's steamy lesbian shower scene and Mariko Nishina's bare boobs getting busy with a guy. But proceed with caution, because Yoshi'e Otsuka and Kotomi Aoki's abortion-clinic sex scene is pretty rough stuff.