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Sensitive New-Age Killer

Sensitive New-Age Killer (2000)

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Paul Moder (Paul Morris) has been obsessed with the art of professional assassination since boyhood, when he witnessed legendary hitman "The Snake" (Frank Bren) in action. All grown up now and armed to the teeth, Paul makes his living as the title character in the Australian action comedy, Sensitive New-Age Killer (2000). This action-packed, over-the-top blowout is both a celebration and send-up of the genre, as well as a powerfully effective film noir itself. In the film, Paul's a great father, husband and family man, but definitely not the world's best hitman. In fact, he's kind of a bad one, mostly because he's a pretty nice guy in a job that requires you to be a ruthless murderer. He's constantly on the lookout for the one big job he can use to prove to the Melbourne crime bosses that he's got what it takes, but he's constantly hindered by his rule that he'll only take out bad guys. When he's handed the opportunity to take out a villain for a cool million, he thinks this is his big shot. Unfortunately, The Snake has been handed the same gig, so Paul's got to outgun his hero if he's going to become Australia's new go to hitman. Our assassin might not be as good as The Snake but he does have a trick up his sleeve: women's desire for his wood in their beav! Yes, Carolyn Bock plays a cop who catches Paul working on a hit, but decides she'll look the other way as long as he hits it! We see her in a black bra and panties as he plays with her cans, then as Miss Bock bends over so he can give her some cock! Wish she took off her down-underwear! Helen Hopkins shows her hooters to a perv with a camera, while Renee's rack can be seen as she beats up a dude in a gimp costume. But if that scenes too weird, at least there's Simone Satin keeping it classy as a topless stripper working the pole. Thank goodness the new age is still a nude age for our erotic ladies! Those Sensitive New-Age Killer scenes will have you touching your sensitive places!