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Salem (2014-2017)

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Salem is a television series about the economic struggles and small town politics of the tourism dependent Massachusetts town as it struggles with issues like gentrification, teacher shortages, tax debates and... Just kidding, it's about witches. Obviously. Debuting on WGN America in April 2014, the drama is set in the titular Massachusetts town during the 17th Century, and presents itself as a fictionalized account of the infamous witch trials. The series buys into the supernatural aspect of the hauntings and possessions that were rumored to have taken hold of the women of Salem during that time, yet also dares the audience to believe that there's more to these witches than meets the eye. The show follows Shane West's John Alden, who returns home seven years after joining the army, only to find the once relatively normal town has gone witch hunt wild. He'd gotten his girlfriend pregnant before he left, but she got rid of it using some demon magic. Yes, it ends up the accused women are actually witches, which, didn't sit well with critics who constantly pointed out the whole point of the Salem story is that the women being murdered were actually innocent. Critics, shmitics, this one was tons of fun! Salem? More like Showem, because this one was full of lovely ladies showing their double bubbles, without the toil and troubles! This show gave us not one, but two naked ladies on its debut episode! Janet Montgomery bared her beautiful booty as she stands up nude from a bed, though her hair does cover her casabas! We also get a nice look at Azure Parsons' butt as she gets banged by a guy from behind on a bed! Elise Eberle showed her buns a few times, but never as well as Shelby Lang, whose ass made a huge splash as she rode a dude in the bathtub! Don't hex us, just sex us! Tamzin Merchant, Ashley Madekwe, Cara Santana, Emily Skeggs: it's like flashing fanny was a prerequisite for being on the show! With women that look like that, who cares if they do black magic? Don't hang em, just bang em! Yes, you'll spew to the witches brew of sexy ladies in Salem