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Marvel's The Punisher (2017-2019)

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The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal's take on Frank Castle was introduced to the world on Daredevil, but got its own full series in Marvel's The Punisher, which came to Netflix in 2017. Lauded for its brutality, the gritty superhero show lasted two seasons, but Bernthal's critically acclaimed version of the character went on to appear in different Marvel Universe properties. On the show, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) is a tortured ex-Marine combat Veteran out to avenge the execution of his wife and children. Unafraid to kill, use guns, and do all the dirty things more cartoonish comic book heroes won't, he starts out by taking out low level criminals. But eventually Frank learns about a government conspiracy which is using his old military buddy Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) to recruit combat vets willing to do their bidding. Frank's been presumed dead for a while, but once the baddies figure out he's not, they're hot on his trail. But Frank's quest for violent revenge can't be stopped, no matter who stands in his way. In the mix is an FBI agent played by Amber Rose Revah, who shows off her sexy body and bare ass during several different sex scenes with a guy who is decidedly not Jon Bernthal. Bummer for him, but great for us! Other than that hot piece of FBI candy, there's Carly Blake Sebouhian and Jes Davis making out with each other in their undies, Floriana Lima in her bra lounging after a sex session, and Alexa Davalos in a black bra and panties doing some Franky Panky with Mr. Castle. Now those are some Marvelous bodies! Pardon the pun about Marvel's The Punisher.