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Role Models

Role Models (2008)

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Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd are Anson Wheeler and Danny Donahue, two energy-drink reps sentenced to hours of community service in a youth mentoring program in the comedy Role Models (2008). After crashing their energy drink truck trying to keep it from getting towed, our duo is sentenced to effectively serving as mentors to wayward boys. Getting their kids from the bottom of the bad boy barrel, Wheeler is teamed up with the ultra-horny, wisecracking black pre-teen Ronnie (Bobb'e J. Thompson), and Danny gets the Larp loving, fantasy-role-playing geek Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). At first, the two can't stand their little buddies, but eventually the gang all become good friends. But when things go wrong due to Danny's depression and consistently bad attitude, and Wheeler's refusal to abandon his party boy lifestyle, they end up ruining the few good things the two kids had going for them. The only way to make things right is to grow up, apologize, and form a KISS inspired live action roleplaying group to win the big showdown for Augie! Mr. Skin doesn't have role models, but if he did Sean William Scott's very Stifler-like character would be in the running, thanks to the absurd amounts of action he gets in the movie. First, we see a tight bodied, bra and panty wearing Amanda Righetti crawling out of his bed, despite him clearly being broke. Then at work, in his Minotaur Energy Drink he does Tina Casciani doggy style, or cow style, since she keeps mooing! Speaking of huge milkers, Carly Craig's colossal cans make an appearance when she sleeps without a shirt on, in her tent. But the best nudity in the film comes with the saddest backstory. Wheeler abandons Ronnie at a party to fulfill his hot for teacher fantasies with the glasses wearing, funbag baring, "do what you need to do" declaring Jessica Morris. As for Danny, he's doing alright himself considering he ends up engaged to Elizabeth Banks. We're not sure how two energy drink slinging felons like the dudes in Role Models keep ending up in bed with supermodels, but we're sure glad they do!