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Return to Nihasa

Return to Nihasa (2016)

No Nudity

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Return to Nihasa (2016) is the exhilarating story of a werewolf in modern day Los Angeles. A group of friends take a weekend getaway to the mountains in order to get some freedom from city life. Unbeknownst to them, their camping grounds are a sacred lang that belongs to the ancient beasts known as werewolves. This encounter changes their lives dramatically and terrifyingly! 

Mr. Skin would Return to Nihasa any day to see hottie Jennifer Jean Pike strip down to her panties and bra. She then puts on another top, but luckily takes those panties off to put on hot workout shorts. Her ass looks terrific! Later she is in her thong panties as she is screwed from behind - Mr. Skin is howling at her full moon. She even leans over her guy in bed to show off ample cleavage that looks so tantalizing that it's turning Mr. Skin into a beast!