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Haven's End

Haven's End (2018)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Where would you go when the end of the world starts coming?  Probably a good idea to get out of any major metropolitan city and head out to the woods where you can avoid a bunch of panic and crazies!  For surgeon Allison (Catherine Taber), when the cities around the world start falling under attack from a mysterious entity, her and her friends decide they need to get the hell out of Atlanta, especially when buildings start exploding all around them.  She decides that the best place to lay low and try to see what is going on all over the world is out in the remote countryside of Southern Georgia at her family's property, Haven's End.  When her and her friend Jessi (Megan Hayes) and their significant others arrive, they find her deadbeat brother and his girlfriend already holed up in the cabin.  As the rag tag bunch decides to try and figure out how to survive together, despite rising tensions, they soon realize that the lights and noises in the woods surrounding them might be something more nefarious than some local wildlife!  They soon start to realize that they are not alone and whatever it was that took out Atlanta is coming for the survivors who made it out alive, one by one!  There isn't much skin to speak of in this one, but Catherine Taber and Megan Hayes share a lesbian smooch and we briefly get to see Catherine in her bra while she changes her shirt to get out of Dodge!