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Requiem (2006)

No Nudity

Top Scene


Devoutly religious Sandra Hüller wants to blow her small-time popsicle stand in Requiem (2006), but her no-fun mum (Imogen Kogge) wants to tie her down in tinytown forever. Her dad (Burghart Klaussner) isn't as big a downer, and he thinks Sandra should be handed over to the big, bad world. When she finally shakes things up and wiggles her bitty little titties off to the university, however, Sandy's religious ways don't exactly jam with the randy rawhide vibe of the ’70s. She does get flirty with a man, makes friends with friendly fräulein Anna Blomeier, and gets some gleedom out of freedom, but after one particular seizure she can't bring herself to seize up her rosary anymore. Thoughts of religion trigger repulsion, and Sandra begins to worry about possession. Her loved ones try to help, but, welp, she's already convinced she's some kind of demon slave--and that the only way she can be saved is to exorcise that devil away. For all you Beelzebubbas who want some hubba in your art, this flick gives you your pick of Eurochick: slim, haunted Sandra or curvy-cute Anna, who revel together in their unders in a river.