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Reminiscence (2021)

No Nudity

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Lisa Joy, co-creator of shows like Westworld and Burn Notice, takes a page out of brother in law Christopher Nolan's playbook for her feature film directorial debut Reminiscence (2021). Set in the not too distant future of a war ravaged America, rising sea levels have left Miami partially under water. Nick (Hugh Jackman) and his partner Watts (Thandiwe Newton) run a company called... wait for it... Reminiscence, where people can immerse themselves in a sort of sensory depravation tank and then have their memories played for them like movies. Escaping the bleak present to relive a more hopeful past is a booming business and both Nick and Watts are careful not to abuse the technology that allows people to relive these happy times in their lives. That is until a mysterious woman named Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) comes to their business and wants to spend time in the tank. Nick thinks that he may know this woman and eventually convinces himself that his memories of her may have been tampered with, leading to him recording and keeping the memories that she has broadcast. What he soon discovers is a conspiracy beyond his wildest imagination, complete with a secret that threatens to unravel not just his entire business, but his life in the bargain! While the film is quite a mind bender, it won't have you bending much else as there's no nudity to speak of! There are a few near nudity misses from Rebecca Ferguson, along with a sexy scene of Thandiwe Newton in her underwear, but that's about it! Thank goodness for Mr. Skin because you don't have to reminisce about the times these two beauties were nude, you can just look them up and enjoy them right now!