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Disobedience (2018)

Great Nudity!

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Adapted from an award winning novel published in 2006, Disobedience (2017) is the story of an orthodox Jewish woman named Ronit (Rachel Weisz) who was ostracized by her ultra Conservative community for being attracted to girls. Years later, she has moved to New York and is living her truth, but when her dad, who is also the community's Rav, dies, she heads home to grieve and deal with his burial. There, she run into her old friend Esti (Rachel McAdams), who is now married to one of the Temple's male leaders. But Ronit remembers how her and Esti were intimately close, and isn't so sure her old pal is happy with the dude. Confirmation comes when the two women continue exploring how they feel about each other, just like in the good old days. At one point, Rachel is stripped down to nothing, flashing ass during the de-pantying process, after she quickly gets under the covers to have sex with her husband, giving the camera a bit of her boob while she loudly moans. She also gives her hubby a great shot of her naked skin as she steps out of the shower. But it isn't her hubby who really gets her going. Esti is all sorts of into her bestie! One look at the bod of Ronit, and she's like "I gotta bone it!" Yes, Rachel and Rachel get to exploring each other quite a lot in this one, including when they find a hotel room to spend time alone in. Weisz never flashed, but there are great shots of the underwear clad couple playing with each other's boobs, with Weisz even going down on McAdams. With all that awesome lesbian action, you're only punishing yourself by not watching Disobedience.