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My Name Is Tanino

My Name Is Tanino (2002)

Great Nudity!

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Provincial Sicilian boy Tanino becomes chummy with American visitor Sally in My Name Is Tanino (2002). After the two tango, he lusts for more amore and follows Sally back to the U.S., not realizing that her interest ended after climax. Arriving Stateside he finds that Sally is a whore and her father is a bore who, in a haze of broken English, mistakes Tanino for being his wanton wife’s lover. In haste, he escapes a fate of flogging by seeking refuge with a friendly Italian American family he met at the beginning of his trip, who implore the confused senior to become the fiancé of a corrupt politician's daughter. Fleeing once more, Tanino heads for New York, where he shadows his favorite film director Chinawsky, desperate to become the reclusive filmmaker’s new protégé. With malapropisms and macho manliness as his only tools of survival, when the Italian stallion takes a bite of the big apple, the island with all its hurried, hateful, and hump-happy inhabitants bites him right back. You can see Barbara Bacci's nice breasts at the 17 minute mark, where she gives us a close up of boobs as she breastfeeds. Lucky kid! Rachel McAdams shows off her flesh mangoes three times. The first at the 3 minute mark while she splashes around in the ocean. Later, Rachel's boy toy dreams of her stiff nips which is a totally understandable state of mind! My Name is Tanino will make you want to take out your member and wank with abandon!