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PVT Chat (2021)

Great Nudity!

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To put it lightly, Jack (Peter Vack), is a loner in a city full of people who don't want to interact with him on any level.  His landlord doesn't like him and wants him out, his roommate killed himself, and he doesn't really have anyone to connect with on a personal level, outside of the online gamblers he makes his living off of.  So Jack does what any lonely person does, he seeks out the company of others, and the only way he knows how to open himself up is by talking with complete strangers online... Enter his favorite Cam Girl, Scarlet (Julia Fox).  Scarlet is a pro at dominatrix style web cam shows for her adoring fans, where she dons a leather body suit and smokes cigarettes while doling out some humiliation for the gents who are "tipping" enough.  When Jack becomes a return customer to Scarlet, they both begin to let their collective guards down a bit as they seemingly have plenty in common, outside of him pretending to be her "human ashtray".  So to keep it safe and secret, she tells him she lives in San Francisco, but that illusion is dashed when Jack sees her walking down the street in Chinatown NYC, just a couple blocks from his apartment!  Now Jack becomes what ever cam girl fears, a stalker who knows where she lives, knows she has a real life boyfriend, and still craves her attention.  Scarlet isn't about to be intimidated though, because he is still her financial, emotional, and fragile little slave boy, who just so happens to have some money that she wants to free up!  This little indie flick definitely doesn't shy away from showing some serious skin and the staggeringly sexy lead, Julia Fox, goes full monty on several occasions, including some solid masturbation scenes during her cam-shows!  We don't use the words "perfect tits" lightly, but let's just say we kind of get why someone would become a financial slave to this stunner in a PVT Chat