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Poor Cecily

Poor Cecily (1974)

Great Nudity!

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A poor little rich girl gets a rough-and-tumble lesson in sex education in Poor Cecily (1974). In 18th century France, Cecliy (Angela Carnon) is sold as a servant to a rich couple (Cyndee Summers and Cedric Kent) to pay for her father’s gambling debts. When her master and mistress try to have their way with her (and Cyndee succeeds, in the scissoringest, most Sapphalicious way), Cecily flees. On the run, she unwittingly stumbles into the sadistic Countess Quade (Lacy Stewart)’s den of sexual depravity. Fleeing again, Cecily is caught and taken to a dungeon where she and other titillating inmates are tortured in sexy ways. Finally submitting to her fornication-filled fate, Cecily returns to the Countess to serve as a sex slave. Powdered-wig perverts will thrill to the cavalcade of kink in this sexploitation story influenced by the Marquis de Sade. Totally nude but for their wigs, Cyndee and Angela first scissor in the bath, then Angela snacks on Cyndee’s fuzzy French furburger. Then we’re treated to a mam-azing fully nude BDSM scene featuring Sandy Carey, Uschi Digard, Karen Cliché,and Brigitte Maier. You’ll be going medieval on yourself as these busty babes are whipped and stretched on the rack, all fully nude and showing off their sexy 70’s hair pies. Finally, our heroine and another Angela, Angela Wade, 69 each other fully nude in front of some horny aristocrats. Cecily might be feeling sorry for herself, but Poor Cecily makes Mr. Skin feel great!