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Königin der Nacht

Königin der Nacht (2016)

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The German drama Königin der Nacht (2017), or Queen of the Night, tells the tale of Inga (Silke Bodenbender) and Ludwig (Peter Schneider), a couple who have moved out into the rural German countryside to realize their dream of running an organic farm. Once a week, they travel back into town to sell their wares at a local farmer's market and though they appear on the surface to be living the dream, the actuality is that they're almost constantly on the brink of financial ruin. With the various banks to whom they're indebted breathing down their necks, Ludwig and Inga decide to do something drastic and Inga takes a job working for an escort service. At first, Ludwig is supportive of his wife's decision and the job helps bring them a sliver of solvency, but Inga begins to enjoy her new job a little bit too much, leading Ludwig to become paranoid that she's found another man. His worst fears are confirmed when he meets Oliver (Hary Prinz) a wealthy man who has taken more than a passing interest in Inga. Can this family work things out or are they destined to fall apart as a result of decisions made to keep them together? The gorgeous Silke Bodenbender will have you bending your member when you get a load of her numerous sexy scenes, including a topless sex scene 38 minutes in where she unleashes her big beautiful breasts while banging Hary Prinz! Silke will be the Queen of your Nights and of your dreams... especially the ones of the wet variety!