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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes (2021)

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The Polish Netflix series Open Your Eyes, which debuted on the streaming service in the late summer of 2021, isn't based on the 1997 film of the same name, or the American remake Vanilla Sky (2001), but it does deal with some similarly thorny issues surrounding the reliability of our memories. Julka (Maria Wawreniuk) has just lost her entire family in an accident that has also left her with amnesia and the series begins with her waking up in an amnesia treatment center. She is plagued by dreams that seem frighteningly real to her, but which the many doctors and technicians working with her at the center assure her are nothing more than her unconscious mind attempting to reconcile with the many conflicting ideas swirling around in her head. However, Julka begins encountering people at the center whom she has never met before but who have factored heavily into her dreams, only none of them seem to know her, nor do they seem to have the same names or roles in the real world that they had in her dreams. As Julka attempts to sort fact from fiction, she's in for a rude awakening as she digs deeper into a far reaching conspiracy in which she suddenly finds herself front and center! While the show does have some sexy supporting appearances by both Klaudia Koscista and Sara Celler-Jezierska, it's series star Maria Wawreniuk who delivers all the show's nude scenes in season one! In the debut episode, we get a look at her right breast in the mirror as she changes tops and episode five brings us a look at her left breast as she makes out with a guy on a piano! You'll want to make sure you Open Your Eyes for those skinsational scenes!