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Obsession Kills

Obsession Kills (1995)

Great Nudity!


The movie Obsession Kills (1995) fell almost immediately into obscurity, and probably for good reason. One of its only saving graces is the decent nudity scattered throughout the flick. It recounts the story of Karen Stone, played by Lisa Comshaw, buying a new place in California. A young couple comes along with the house to help with chores, the wife serving as gardener and cook, the husband fulfilling maintenance duties. Well, Karen starts to daydream and wet dream about the dude, and the wife, played by Carrie Genzel, doesn’t take too kindly to it. Both babes wind up showing us some skin. The best nudity in the movie, though, is when Carrie hops in the shower with her hubby, giving us a full gaze at her dandy danglers. Those things could make you develop an obsession!