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O Negócio

O Negócio (2013-2016)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Created by: Luca Mello, Rodrigo Castilho
  • Rated: TV-MA
  • Network: HBO Latin America
  • Country: Brazil
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In 2013 HBO Latin America explored the world of high class hookers with O Negócio, and oh boy, was there a lot of good skin in it! Translated to "the business" it tells the story of Karin (Rafaela Mandelli), Luna (Juliana Schalch), and Magali (Michelle Batista), three college-educated, high-class call girls who are using their thorough marketing education to create a luxury brand for their services: Blue Ocean. Like any entrepreneurs, they become wealthy and acclaimed, attracting the attention of many—in both good and bad ways. But while these girls are very well versed in marketing, advertising, and business, that doesn't mean they're not also sexperts in turning men on. A show about call girls offers plenty of opportunities for skin, and the leads in this one lead the way in that department. Michelle Batista services women as well as men, as evidenced when her and Aline Jones get it on together for the viewing pleasure of a dude on a webcam. She mixes between blonde and brunette, but can't disguise her thin body, tight ass and great tits no matter who she has between her thighs! Rafaela Mandelli's another maneather, who'll also eat out a woman! She seems to specialize in riding, since so many of her scenes involved watching her jugs bounce as she takes control on top. Can we get a discount if she finishes before her dismount? Juliana Schalch also shows tits and ass, including when one dude has a threesome with her and Michelle. That adventure with two dime pieces looked worth every penny to us! Beyond just the main crew, there's Dayenne Mesquita turning us into skeeters topless and tied up in a super inky scene, Sophia Reis going for a very aggressive ride of her own, Isabel Wilker bouncing her ass on some dude's dick in reverse cowgirl, the hot as tabasco Giovanna Velasco riding some fella who looks way too poor to afford that amazing, thick ass, and a whole lot more! You don't need a marketing degree to see why Blue Ocean was hugely successful. We were negotiating with our zipper every episode! Making you jizz was an easy money biz for the latina hotties of O Negócio