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DOM (2021-)

Great Nudity!


When you think of the word DOM and add in Brazil into that, you're mind is probably wandering into a completely different direction involving chains, whips, and thicc booties from our friends to the south.  Alas though, this new Amazon Prime series follows Pedro DOM, the leader of a criminal drug cartel gang in Rio De Janiero that absolutely took over the news cycle in the early 2000s in Brazil!  We are dropped into the middle class world of Pedro Dom (Gabriel Leone), who is a handsome and charming kid who seemingly has more opportunity than most everyone in the slums of Rio, but when he is introduced to the world of cocaine, his life goes down a dark and dramatic path into the underworld of drugs, sex, murder, and power in one of the most dangerous cities in South America.  The only problem for his rise to the top of the criminal underworld is that his dear old dad is actually a captain in the police intelligence services in the city and is hot on his baby boy's trail and crime spree!  Lucky for us, this is about as Brazilian of a series as you can find out there right now, which means one thing for certain... There is going to be an insane amount of ass in this one!  We have nude scenes from a few Nude-Comers including Isabella Santoni, Raquel Villar, and Ingrid Conte!  We also have an outstanding screw session from the sexy and pixie haired Julia Konrad that'll have you asking if she's the real DOM in this one!