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Alice (2008)

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Step into the ass man’s Wonderland of Sao Paulo, Brazil with the HBO Latino original series Alice. Andréia Horta plays the titular Alice, a simple girl living a simple life in small-town Brazil. But when her father dies, Alice leaves her fiancée Henrique (Marat Descartes) behind and goes to Sao Paulo to find her aunt, sister and stepmother. Once in Sao Paulo, Alice falls in love with the big, bustling cosmopolitan city, and surrounded by exciting new friends and lovers, she decides to stay.You’ll be stiffer than a shot of cachaça when you see all the flesh on display in this South American version of Sex and the City- star Andréia Horta gets nude in episodes 1, 4, 5 and 6, with full frontal in episode 4 and full nudity in episode 5. Gabrielle Lopez also goes full frontal as Alice’s gal pal, Denise Weinberg bares quality cougar cans in a sexy lesbian scene, and you’ll be saying "oh, Moto" when Luka Omoto bares boobs while pleasuring herself. What's Portuguese for "here, let me help you with that?"