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Girls From Ipanema (2019-2020)

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Girls From Ipanema, which was originally titled Most Beautiful Thing, is a Netflix original series from Brazil that debuted in 2019, but is set in the 1950's. Malu (Maria Casadevall) packs up to move from Sao Paulo to live in Rio de Janeiro, where her and her husband are going to open a restaurant and live in martial bliss. Sounds like a plan. The problem is, when she gets to Rio her husband has ghosted her, took all her money, and ran off to parts unknown. Determined to stick it out in the city rather than crawl back home in shame, Malu falls in love with the samba scene and decides she'll make it on her own. Opening the Bossa Nova club and looking for a new man turn Malu from a timid housewife into a gorgeous girl boss. But Brazil's club scene is a serious old boy's club in the 50's, so she's going to have to rely on some lady friends to help her pull through if she hopes to hit it big. Speaking of hitting it, you'll be thinking "I'd hit it" everytime a new hotty pops up onscreen. Since it's about the beaches of Brazil, there's all sorts of awesome bathing suit shots of ladies like Alli Willow, to say nothing of bra and panty looks at women like Patricia Dejesus. But there's plenty of legit tit in this one, too! Maria Casadevall plays our leading lady, who has an amazing topless sex scene that proximately features her niptastic nips. Seriously, those things are beaming as a musician gives her the D. Fernanda Vasconcellos also shows off her magnificent melons during sex and while smoking a cigarette after, as does Mel Lisboa, although she also goes lesboa with Thalia Ayala who sexes up the screen in her undies. A little samba before some whamba bama thank you mamba? Sounds good to us! We sure appreciate when the Girls From Ipanema show their girls!