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Hacks (2021-)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Hacks (2021) is an HBO Max series in which an aging comedian needs a writer to help write her standup comedy sets. Deborah Vance is a legend with a Las Vegas residency when she hires an entitled and talented 25-year-old comedy writer to write for her. The two are definitely an odd couple, but they do make each other laugh on occasion and they definitely have things to show on another. The hot Hannah Einbinder plays Ava, our comedy writer in her early 20s. It's no wonder that she writes comedy because she definitely does things that are worth writing about. There is a comical sex scene where she invites a delivery man into her new apartment. The two of them are undressing and getting hot and heavy, letting us check out Hannah in her bra and panties. When they need to increase their speed and take things to the next level, she pauses to look for a condom. The problem? All of her things are still packed away in boxes, so she tears open some boxes and starts looking for a box of condoms. She definitely does not find them immediately and instead opens box after box pulling out strange things while the horny delivery man watches, waits, and starts to realize that things might not happen how he had hoped. At least Hannah delivers some cleavage and some great looks at her legs and cheeks in those panties. We would love to hack into those panties and see what is underneath!