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Naked Chicks with Clowns

If you ever thought clowns were scary, then that fear will recede as you watch these clips of naked women who are turned on by the funny, madeup men. Now, there are a few evil clowns here, it’s hard to erase prejudice overnight, but the majority of them are fun-loving fuckers and you’ll appreciate their taste in women. Ginger Lynn Allen in The Devil's Rejects (2005) gives our clown the ride of his life and us the sight of our lives, thanks to her tits and bush. Adrienne Corri in A Clockwork Orange (1971) is getting taken advantage of by the clown-mask-wearing gang, which is horrible, yes, but she's naked, so we have to look on the bright side. This clown we can't condone, as he interrupts Tina Krause in Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008) when she's naked and about to get busy. More bad clowns, this one chasing a sexy Lauren Pellegrino in Fear of Clowns (2004). Horny clowns are more to our likely, like the one watching Vanessa Kay in Devil Girl (2007) strip on stage. Our favorite clown, though, has to be the one who is going down on Junko Miyashita in The Watcher in the Attic (1976) and getting a mouth full of jugs. It's every clowns dream to be understood as merely an entertainer and not a horror object, so please take a moment to masturbate to these scenes of horny clowns. Every time you spill a load, a clown get's its rubbernose.


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