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Keywords: No Nudity, Real Breasts


Suzanne Lauren is a multi medium artist who not only acts, but paints, draws, and specializes in hairstyling. A few years ago she did her only movie role to date, and sometimes the performance straddles the line between nudity and not nudity, seeing as she’s wearing a very see through top. The movie was Clownstrophobia (2009), about, you guessed it, a killer clown. Luckily the busty Suzanne is there for some sexy padding to guide us through the movie. In one scene in particular she opens up her robe to check herself out in the mirror in her skimpy orange nighty. She tempts viewers by almost completely taking down the top as flashes of her rolling around a bed intersperse. But alas, we have to settle for the covered nipplage poking through the nighty. You can check out Suzanne’s numerous artworks on her site, or petition for her to get back on the big screen.