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Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody (2009)

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30 Seconds to Mars frontman and former Joker, Jared Leto really had filmgoers scratching their heads with his multiple path, mindbending sci-fi flick Mr. Nobody (2009). Leto is Nemo Nobody, an absurdly named fella who gets put in the impossible position of having to decide whether he wants to live with his mom or dad, while standing at a train station as a child. That moment is pivotal to Nemo's life, as the whole movie goes from there with him either picking mom, dad, or nobody. If he goes with mom, he ends up in Montreal and either marries Anna (Diane Kruger) and has kids with her, or he barely interacts with her, or they break up as teens. If Nemo goes with dad, he lives in England and either ends up disabled after a motorcycle accident, marrying Elise (Sarah Polley), or gets super rich and marries Jean (Linh Dan Pham). If he runs away, his life will be an enormous mystery. All of these life paths play out, along with the frame story of Nemo being 118 years old, and struggling with the fact that he will be the last person to ever die thanks to medical advancements created just after he was born. It's safe to say nobody fully understood this sci-fi thinkfest, but there's not much to understand about getting to see a great chest. Juno Temple, who plays Nemo's teenaged daughter, seems to get topless as she gets high and bangs a dude in her kitchen, but she's really using a stunt rack. Ditto Diane Kruger, who used someone else's tits when Mr. Nobody runs his hands all over her rack. We want to see the life path where they don't pull the sleight of mam move. What we really need is a Ms. No-body-doubles!