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Cavedweller (2004)

Brief Nudity

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For all you wayward angels out there: You can, of course, go home again. But don't expect everybody you left behind to fall all over themselves welcoming you back. Such is the two-sided, bittersweet triumph of a formerly abused wife who, in Cavedweller (2004), returns to the scene of the crime, after many years of a new life. Kyra Sedgwick plays Delia Byrd, the domestic abuse victim turned rock star who abandoned her kids many years ago to move to LA. When her new, West Coast fella Randall (Kevin Bacon) dies in a car crash, her and the kid she had with him head back to rural Georgia to reclaim the daughters Delia left behind. In Georgia, it ends up her former abuser husband Clint (Aidan Quinn) has a terminal disease, so while she wants nothing to do with her ex, he'll only give her custody of her daughters if she takes care of him while he looks to die at home. But faced with the granny who resents having had to raise her kids all these years, the town who resents how she went Hollywood and forgot her roots, the daughters who didn't appreciate being bailed on, and having to tenderly provide care to the man who made her life a living Hell, Delia's got all sorts of issues to deal with. Based on Dorothy Allison's novel, this drama certainly wasn't light or fun. But seeing Kyra's cans always brightens Mr. Skin's day, so this was a good one to watch, thanks to a nice look at them while Kyra takes a dramatic soak in the tub. No wonder she became a rock star. Those things rock! Beyond that, there's a good shot of Dalia's rebellious daughter Dede (April Mullen) in a bra which will have you wanting custody of those titties! Dede doesn't have DD's, but they're still very nice. You can embrace your feelings, then embrace your inner caveman, thanks to the mix of tears, tension and tits in Cavedweller!