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Mother Love

Mother Love (1989)

Brief Nudity


A British yuppie couple seems to be living the type of pleasant life they’ve always imagined, besides, of course, for a crazy mother-in-law who encroaches in from time to time. The mother-in-law has a sordid past of troubling behavior, usually involving her ex-husband. With the increased presence of the mother-in-law in the couple’s lives, their own marriage begins to fall apart as the vindictive and bitter matriarch leaves no one free from her wrath. Things may have been playful at first, but eventually things turn violent and lead to a murder.

Fiona Gillies plays Angela, and at one point in the TV mini series she’s in the tub with hubby, cleansing and playing around. Her ginormous and gropable jugs float around the water as she sits idly and while she scrubs her husbands back up and down. If for no other reason, check out this series just to get nice glimpse of Gillies’ jigglies.