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Modern Family (2009-2020)

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ABC's critical darling and ratings juggernaut Modern Family won 22 Emmys over the course of it's eleven season run, including taking home the statue for Outstanding Comedy Series it's first five years in a row. Kicking off in 2009, the show used the mockumentary style made famous by The Office to tell the story of three couples that make up a larger family unit. But since this is a modern spin on the family sitcom, the couples are decidedly different from the classic hot wife and pudgy husband pairing. There's the old divorcee Jay (Ed O'Neill) and his sexy new Colombian wife Gloria (Sofia Vergara), who came along with a son from a previous marriage Manny (Rico Rodriguez). Jay's daughter is Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen) the uptight blonde with the quirky husband, Phil (Ty Burrell), the dumb son Luke (Nolan Gould), the brainy daughter Alex (Ariel Winter), and the ditzy oldest one Haley (Sarah Hyland). Jays son is Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), a gay man married to Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) with whom he adopts a Vietnamese daughter named Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons). For over a decade we watched as they added a decidedly new spin to some classic sitcom setups. Unfortunately, network TV wasn't embracing modernity enough to show titty, so there's no real nudity. The ultra-sexy Sofia Vergara was supposed to be the hot one, and seeing her in a bathing suit she fills out quite nicely will have you convinced she fits the role quite well. But Julie Bowen could easily hold her own in the giving us a Bowener department, especially when she does some sexy black bra and panty strolling in her daughter's room, before realizing she's on a webcam with Haley's boyfriend. Not that we think he'd stray after seeing the thin Sarah Hyland in her bikini. Sexy guests included Courtney Cox and a very cleavage heavy Elizabeth Banks. We also get Cassidy Gatlin dancing on top of a car in a music video, Lauren Gaw showing her barely covered buns as Alex's sexy college roommate, and some downnblouse from Rachel Bay Jones as she bends over. There's one after another darn nice bod in that Modern Family!