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Mercenary (2016)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Mercenary (2016) is a fantastic dramatic film from France that takes place in New Caledonia. For Americans (and anyone else who does not know), New Caledonia is a French territory in the South Pacific in between Australia and New Zealand. This tiny territory may speak French, but the people are indigenous. In this story, a young man from a Wallisian background wants to move to France to play proper rugby. His dad is not happy about that all. He does it anyway and then finds that living on his own all the way in France - on the other side of the world - is not as exciting as he thought. It turns out to be a much lonelier experience than he ever foresaw and we get to watch firsthand as this young man explores his new idea and new surroundings. This film was written and directed by Sacha Wolff who clearly knows what he is doing when it came to casting Iliana Zabeth as Coralie. Iliana gets out of bed in one scene in just a shirt and runs to the bathroom, but we do not see much. She does end up showing us real nudity when she strips to her bra when she makes out with a guy. We get to check out her bra straps and shoulders, but after the do the deed she shows her breasts before she puts a shirt on. Have mercy, Iliana, and keep your top off because those jugs are momentous and will live on in our mamory.