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Mara (2013)

Brief Nudity

(0:26) Left breast from the side.on Angelica Jansson in the shower(0:35) Emelie Frantz Nilsson strips to her bra and panties and then takes off the bra to show her breasts.(0:36) Emelie Frantz Nilsson gets out of bed in just her panties showing her breasts.(0:38) Thong panties on Cecilia Samuelsson putting on a dress.(0:40) Close-up panties on Angelica Jansson putting on jeans then she walks out in her bra.(1:05) Angelica Jansson gets out of bed all bloody in her panties.(1:06) Buns on Emelie Frantz Nilsson dead in the bathroom.(1:08) Buns on Emelie Frantz Nilsson in the bathroom brushing her teeth then another nice close-up as Angelica Jansson stabs her.


Angelica Jansson

Nude - as Jennyleft breast, underwear

Emelie Frantz Nilsson

Nude - as Stinabreasts, butt, underwear

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