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Easy Money

Easy Money (2010)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A country boy chases snatch and cash down the rabbit hole of crime in the slick Swedish thriller Easy Money (2010). JW (Joel Kinnaman) is a young man living way beyond his means in Stockholm, driving an unlicensed taxi on the side to support his lavish lifestyle. Using his connections at the taxi company, JW starts selling cocaine to impress rich girl Sophie (Lisa Henni). As JW moves through the dark underbelly of Swedish society (yes, they do have one), we meet a variety of characters from different backgrounds, all with the same goal- survival by any means necessary.

Nordic nudecomer Lisa Henni plays JW’s inspiration for a life of crime. With her statuesque figure, full lips and gorgeous blue eyes, it’s easy to understand why a man would ruin himself for her. And when Lisa loses her top for a brief flash of her headlights, her perfectly perky nipples will drive you to self-abuse too!