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Man in Love

Man in Love (2021)

No Nudity

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The Taiwanese romantic drama Man in Love (2021) about Ah Cheng (Roy Chiu) a debt collector whose hardened exterior masks a soft and kind hearted interior. His life is changed when he is sent to collect from the perpetually debt ridden Hao-Ting (Tiffany Ann Hsu) when something wholly unexpected happens... he falls for the beautiful young woman and can't bring himself to collect her debt. Hao-Ting is caring for her infirm father and taking care of all the household work, which includes shouldering his debts, which only reaffirms Ah Cheng's decision not to press her too hard for the money she owes. Ah Cheng then concocts a scheme that will not only help her get out of debt, but also help him get closer to her: He offers to make payments towards her debt in exchange for going on dates with him. Each time they go out, he'll pay a little bit more toward her debt, and each of them can get what they want. Though hesitant about his motives at first, Hao-Ting eventually comes around on Ah Cheng and finds herself falling for him as well. Of course, this is only the beginning of an entirely new set of problems that are bound to lead them on a treacherous road to their eventual happiness. Unfortunately this flick doesn't have any nudity whatsoever, but just prior to the one hour mark, there is a sexy scene where Tiffany Ann Hsu hangs out in bed in her underwear talking to her man! Her white underwear is almost see-through when she gets out of bed, but you'll have to use your imagination!