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Army of One (1993)

Brief Nudity

Apples, like cops, occasionally go bad. All it takes is a single piece of fruit rotting to its core, and the entire bushel is at risk of being corrupted, resulting in a lapsed racecar driver being framed by a wormy peace officer for the murder of a good one, which clears the way for even more apples to be spoiled. From whence will come the man to clean up this spreading moral fungus? Why, from the Army of One (1993), that's where! The righteous man is like an ethical organic grocer: Wrongly convicted but right in his convictions, he escapes from prison, takes a lady cop hostage, and uses her to entrap and extract the biodegraded bastard who sent him away in the first place. "Hey," say the creators of Army of One, "if someone gives you a basket of bad apples, make rad applesauce."

Kristian Alfonso

Nude - Body Double - as Rita

9 Pics
Crystal Breeze

Nude - as Body Double for Kristian Alfonso

8 Pics
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