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Mädchen Nr. 1

Mädchen Nr. 1 (2003)

Great Nudity!


In the romantic comedy Mädchen Nr. 1 (2003), Max von Thun co-stars as Thomas Schmidt, an intellectual student of chemistry who is tasked with the duty of tutoring Denise (Julia Dietze), a beautiful babe with an insufferable douche of a boyfriend, Dirk (Wanja Mues). Obviously, Thomas falls for the blonde babe, and he attempts to work his nerdy magic to win her over. But when Denise catches her dude in the throes of passion with a Playmate (Gitta Saxx) at a party, she heads to her tutor for some loving. As the couple begins to make a connection, Denise is hit in the head with a stray baseball, causing her to completely forget the night’s events. With the help of his quirky friend Sebastian (Oliver K. Wnuk), Thomas attempts to recreate the party to jar the memory of his dream girl. This German comedy will make you laugh until you’re hard, especially when you get a look at Gitta Saxx’s perfect rack as she gets dolled up for a photo shoot. Julia Dietze and Katharina Wackernagel both tease us with some sweet cleavage shots. Nice! And Kelly Trump gives us a look at her rump while slumped over a desk. The ladies of Mädchen Nr. 1 will have you harder than a chemistry exam!