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Lupin (2021)

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Lupin (2021) is a series that is loosely based on the fictional adventures of Arsene Lupin the French gentleman thief as we look at an imagined tale of his son avenging his death. Assane Diop's life is turned around after his dad was accused of a crime that he did not commit and was killed shortly after that. Now that he is an adult, he wants to avenge his father's dead using the book he was given by his dad called Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar as his inspiration to do a crime of his own. Heis a janitor at The Lourve who works with criminals to steal a highly valuable pearl and diamond necklace that once belonged to Marie Antionette. Will they get away with this perfect crime or will this seemingly humble janitor fly under the radar? You will have to watch this sexy French series to find out. It is a very fun watch due to its crime, thrills, and great acting. That being said, there is also a sexy woman to admire. That is why we are in love with Lupin. Well, actually, we are in love with Lea Bonneau who has us saying bonjour to her slim figure as she lays down in the sun while only wearing a tangerine-colored one-piece bathing suit. The swimsuit clings to her skinny figure and shows off her glowing sun-kissed skin as she casually chills with her smooth legs up in the air. She looks ever so chic. Maybe she should go to the Lourve!