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Luck (2012)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


In the world of ironically named TV shows, nothing will ever top the decidedly unlucky HBO horse racing series Luck. Debuting in 2012, Dustin Hoffman starred as an ex-con named Chester "Ace" Bernstein. Ace has had a long and profitable career in organized crime, albeit one that was interrupted by three years in the federal pen. After his release, Ace sets out to settle some scores and make some bets in the sport of kings: horse racing. His chaffeur Gus (Dennis Farina) has won two million dollars on a Vegas slot machine, and bought himself a stud of a racehorse. But that win wasn't legit, so it's really Ace's horse he's hoping to cash in on. But on top of getting rich betting the ponies, Ace is convinced he can turn the racetrack into a casino as well, and really make a ton of money. Throw in some drama with an aging horse trainer (Nick Nolte), and all the jealous of each other jockeys at the track, and this one had enough potential plotlines to run for years. And with names like Michael Mann and Deadwood creator David Milch behind it, it would've. But what stopped Luck from becoming the next Deadwood was all the dead horses. Yes, three horses died during the show's production, so despite good ratings the show got shut down after one season. Tough luck. Luckily, we did get to see some great nudity before it got taken to the HBO glue factory. Patti Tippo and Mary-Margaret Humes both show their boom booms while having a threesome. Kerry Condon shows her cans in an open dress shirt as she lies on the ground celebrating a horse's win. But the girl we most wanted to roll in the hay with was the massively mammed Weronika Rosati, who we see getting covered in money. Bet you enjoyed that shot! Not to beat a dead horse, but we couldn't stop beating off to the hotties on Luck!