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ABC’s soap opera (or “Daytime Drama,” if you prefer to believe that this is a legitimate form of television) Loving takes place in the fictional town of Corinth, PA. Centering on the lives of the wealthy Alden family, love and betrayal, along with the struggle for power, are the common themes. This doesn’t exactly make it stand out from all the other soap operas, plot-wise. However, like most of them it enjoyed a long life in TV years, ending its twelve-year run in 1995. Of course, a long-running soap opera usually isn’t too hard to pull off since there’s not a damn thing else to watch during the day and viewer expectations are set appropriately low. If there’s one thing to love about Loving, it’s the sheer amount of babes who have shown up in the credits over the years. Everyone from Kirsten Dunst to Daisy Fuentes to former Noxzema cover girl Rebecca Gayheart have popped up in the credits of the show. Quite a few of them have gotten down with the skinness, too. Isabel Glasser, who played Marty Edison, had some prescription pool sex in The Surgeon, and her firm, fat flotation devices definitely pass OSHA inspection. Buxom blonde Catherine Hickland, who is the proverbial brick shithouse, gave us a nice over the shoulder nipple side-profile as she settled into the hot tub in Sweet Justice. You will be hard-pressed to find a body any firmer that isn’t chiseled out of marble. Elizabeth Mitchell got naked and fondled by Angelina Jolie when she played a model in Gia, while Debbi Morgan popped the lid on her double-decker See’s chocolate sampler package in Cry Uncle. Last but certainly not least, blonde beauty Teri Polo, who became Pam Focker in Meet the Parents, gave us a passing peek at her peaches in the aptly-named Quick.