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The Last Ride

The Last Ride (2004)

No Nudity

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It's been thirty years since the coppers put Dennis Hopper in the slammer, and now that he's out he's dead-set on revenge in The Last Ride (2004). Dennis went to the pokey after a robbery and car chase that ended with his wife on the slab, and he blames lawman Fred Ward for everything in his life that's even slightly bad. On top of throwing him in the hoosegow, Fred also took custody of his kiddo, and now that the kid has a kid of his own, Dennis knows just what to do. He recruits his grandson Chris Carmack—who thinks his gramp’s gritty past is pretty cool—to help him track down the surrogate-pop cop and put a stop to him once and for all. Will Will Patton, Dennis's estranged son, stop their fun? Or will Dennis and Chris get the evidence that will bring Fred down? It's a showcase for car chases from the people behind The Fast and the Furious (2001), and Nadine Velazquez will leave you delirious as Chris's mechanic girlfriend.