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Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Red Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

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Birthplace: Tokyo, JP

Date of Birth: 12/16/38

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Ung flukt (1959) Nude, breasts 00:20:00 Ung-a bunga! Me like Liv. Liv in lake. Liv splash man. Liv show boobs. Liv boobs good. (22 secs)
Ung flukt (1959) Sexy, underwear
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Norwegian beauty Liv Ullmann was already well established as a stage actress in Sweden when director Ingmar Bergman discovered her on the street in Stockholm, which should tell you how magnetically beautiful she must have been, since "the elongated country" is a nation not exactly known for having unattractive women. The legendary The Seventh Seal (1957) director put her in his classic arthouse hit, Persona (1966), and soon she was the arthouse Marilyn Monroe. The classically beautiful Liv also made an impression on her director when the cameras weren't rolling. Ullmann and Bergman had an illicit affair, never got married, but did produce a daughter who was genetically predetermined to take over the world with her beauty and brains (she's a former ballerina turned writer and literary critic). Mama ain't half bad herself, of course, as she proved when flashing her funbags in Ung flukt (1958), also known as The Wayward Girl. Liv plays the wild child trying to get a stuffy academic to live a little, which she accomplishes by going for a skinny dip with him, not letting the water keep us from seeing the Swede beads at the end of her bouncing boppers. While 1958's version of a wild woman may seem tame by comparison, the black and white movie will still have your face flush with crimson seeing her dance in underwear and a bra. You'll probably even play your skin flukt. Liv is equally awesome in Shame (1968). Known as Skammen in Swedish, the drama about a couple caught in the middle of a Civil War sees Liv stroll around her house in an open shirt, completely void of shame as her jugs have all men captivated by Ullmann. While she's been in big movies like Zandy's Bride (1974) and A Bridge Too Far (1977) Liv never made much of a career for herself state side. Instead, she's both been acting in and directing movies in her home nation for the last almost half a century. If the movies she directs have the kind of nudity she used to do as an actress in them, we'd sure love to see them!