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Lies (1999)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Drama, BDSM
  • Directed by: Sun-Woo Jang
  • Home Release: 01/22/2002
  • Theatrical Release: 07/28/2000
  • Home Release: 09/24/2002
  • Country: South Korea
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Top Scene


Lies (1999) is a Korean sexploitation movie that tells the familiar story of a younger woman who falls for an older man because he is sophisticated only to find herself tiring of him when he gets a little too clingy. There is one major difference between this film and the would-be romantic comedy it could become…both of them are into some serious ass play including whipping each other until their butts are red and raw.

Tae Yeon Kim plays the female lead. We get some very graphic nude and sex scenes with her that will have you flogging your dong while her man flogs her sweet cheeks. On multiple occasions we get the three B’s (bush, boobs, and butt) including at least three scenes when he lays her down on the bed and munches down on her hair muffin. Throughout are plenty of great ass shots including some pretty intense whipping scenes as he smacks her with a variety of different items.

It is true that Lies will leave you throbbing, if not a little troubled!