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Liberté (2019)

Great Nudity!

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Ah, the 18th century, powdered-wig and knee sock sporting French libertines really knew how to crowbar proper kink into the old puritanical days of Europe!  In this French feature, Liberté, we are basically dropped into the middle of the woods, just a handful of years before the French Revolution in the hay-day of the prudish King Louis XVI... The problem is, we are most definitely NOT alone in these woods and we are surrounded by a group of "Marquis De Sadeian" aristocrats who were chucked out of Louis' court for being stone-cold freaks!  When this fictitious group of open-minded sex-plorers are seeking a new place for their sexual exploits, they are approached by a German nobleman who leads them into the woods for a moonlit night of uninhibited sucking, fucking, tucking, peeing, flogging, and any other "-ing" you can shake a boner at!  When these older men and younger women end up in the deep darkness, they are pretty much left to their own devices, but along the way there is a political assassination of sorts just outside of the sounds of slurping and spanking!  Talk about an orgy party foul...  This flick doesn't pull any punches with the sex either, as there is some stuff that borders on the real-deal porno with Theodora Marcadé showing off everything and even going as far as taking a pee on a man's chest! We also get to see the lovely Laura Poulvet's three B's AND the inviting Iliana Zabeth gets a milk bath while tied to a tree!  It's the kind of movie that the Marquis de Sade would be proud of!