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Liar Liar

Liar Liar (1997)

No Nudity

Top Scene


In the smash hit comedy Liar Liar (1997), Jim Carrey is magically gifted a day where he is not allowed to tell a lie, which is a big problem when you're a pathological liar and high powered defense attorney for obviously guilty people. Jim plays Fletcher Reede, the LA based attorney who lies to his son Max (Justin Cooper) so much that his young son uses his birthday wish to make sure his dad has to be honest with everyone in his life for 24 hours. All manner of hijinks naturally ensue, with Fletcher really struggling to represent the gold digging Samantha Cole (Jennifer Tilly) as she tries to screw her husband out of all sorts of money. While there's no nudity in this PG-13 blockbuster that Carrey turned down the role of Dr. Evil to star in, there's cleavage out the wazoo. Tilly's character might be a gold digger, but if those huge hangers couldn't be contained by a court appropriate blouse and blazer, she's worth every penny. She can dig for platinum if she squeezes those things around her husband's hard-on and let's him go splat on em! In case you've ever thought honesty was the best policy, let the scene where Amanda Donohue tries to screw Fletcher in the boardroom inform you that you should feel free to deceive in pursuit of the beav. As Fletcher's higher up at the law firm, Amanda strips down to her bra and suddenly we were firm ourselves and about to sauce to that girl boss! But the most famous scene in the whole movie is the one where Jim Carrey is in the elevator with the cleavage baring, curvaceous Krista Allen, as she explains how everyone around the apartment has been so nice to her. Fletcher responds "that's because you've got big jugs. I mean, your boobs are huge. I mean, I want to squeeze them. Mama!" Fletcher wasn't lying, Krista does have huge cans that every dude would love to give a squeeze! With those women's racks jiggling in so many scenes, Liar Liar will have your pants on fire!