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Les filles de Grenoble

Les filles de Grenoble (1981)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


In Grenoble a few pimps kidnap young women or lure them in with drugs to set up a prostitution ring. Once the girls are captured they are kept delirious with more drugs and tortured, using any means to necessary to prevent their escape. Even if the girls did escape the police corruption is so rampant, along with the judicial system, that their testimonies wouldn’t result in any justice. That is until one of the prostitutes winds up murdered, and a judge decides to take a stand against the decaying system. The story is based on actual events, but heightens a lot of circumstances for dramatic effect.

Caroline Berg plays one of the prostitutes and in one scene she’s with a client, removing her shirt and being splayed out on the bed for a fantastic scan of her tremendous cans. When she exits from the shower, more mammage with a side order of bush. Zoe Chauveau plays a kidnap victim who is being tortured on the beach, getting her bare chest messed up. These guys need to give it up and put the noble back in Grenoble.