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Lena (2012)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Action, Drama
  • Directed by: Christophe Van Rompaey
  • Theatrical Release: 02/16/2012
  • Country: Belgium, Netherlands
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An overweight teen is willing to do anything to keep the love of a classmate in the Belgian drama Lena (2011). Lena (Emma Levie) is shy, withdrawn, and insecure, which makes it seem like nothing less than a miracle when popular-but-unpredictable Daan (Niels Gomperts) starts paying attention to her. Their relationship progresses very quickly and Lena moves in with Daan and his even more unstable father Tom (Jeroen Willems); but the relationship takes a disturbing turn as Daan and Tom begin treating Lena more like a servant than a member of the family. Critics have praised star Emma Levie for her "bravery", which we of course know means her willingness to get all kinds of naked for a series of explicit sex scenes. Lena will please your peen-a.