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The Lacemaker

The Lacemaker (1977)

Great Nudity!
  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Claude Goretta
  • Theatrical Release: 01/01/1977
  • Home Release: 12/03/1996
  • Country: France, Germany, Switzerland
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Best known for being the first major film role of Isabelle Huppert, a woman The New York Times deemed the second greatest actor of the 21st Century (number one was Denzel Washington), The Lacemaker (1977) is a French drama about a shy girl named Béatrice (Huppert) who works in a hair salon and lives with her mother. Her only friend Marylene (Florence Giorgetti) convinces her to go on a vacation with her, only to abandon her when she immediately finds a guy. Boo! Chicks not dicks, Marylene! Luckily, Béatrice is able to find a French guy of her own named Francois (Yves Beneyton), and she eventually moves in with him in Paris. However, her reserved nature doesn’t blend well with the guy’s rich parents and intellectual friends, and she’s left alone again. She winds up in a mental institution, and despite her boyfriend’s remorse and pleading for her to come out, she feels content where she is. That's it. The end. But as much as this one wants to get you depressed, it's hard to get the doldrums when staring at some top notch French bums! As Béatrice, Isabelle Huppert gives us her trademark triple B treatment, spread out through a number of scenes. Whether its lying in bed or going for a naked walk, the humpable miss Huppert will please your cock! She might end up in a straight jacket, but seeing her chubby dumper will have you straight jacking it! Her friend, played by the gorgeous Florence Giorgetti also unloads her T&A for the camera as well. Those French foxes will get your heart racing. You might need a pacemaker to make it through The Lacemaker!