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Klimt (2006)

Great Nudity!

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The Austrian artist who painted “The Kiss” in 1908 is the topic of the skinternational flick Klimt (2006). John Malkovich plays Gustav Klimt, whose erotic female nudes came to symbolize the era of art nouveau — and bedeck the walls of many artsy-fartsy bi-curious co-eds to this day. Gustav lives life with gusto, making good use of his many mamsy models. In fact, since the R rated drama is a joint production from Austria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, it showcases the globes on plenty of skintastic actresses. Director Raoul Ruiz said he wanted Klimt to be more of a “phantasmagoria” than a traditional biopic so much of the movie is made up of lovely-to-look-at ladies whose characters go nowhere. Bah, who needs a meaty plot when you can savor peaches, clams and buns! Check out the nude model (Ariella Hirshfeld) who struts her stuff in the buff in the background. Lovely lean Lili (Verena Mundhenk) also makes sure to flaunt her three Bs while striking a pose for the painter. As Klimt’s fave muse and mistresses, Lea de Castro (Saffron Burrows) engages in discussions of art as she flashes her pretty peaks and masterpiece of ass. Yet most of her full-frontal scenes are performed by body double Georgia Reeve. Similarly, fashion designer Emilie “Midi” Floege (Veronica Ferres) sheds her threads to expose a pair of bare breasts, plus a bush and bum. But the real bummer is the parts belong to a body double. Apparently, it’s art for parts’ sake!