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Killer Swarm

Killer Swarm (2008)

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Deadly superbees are out to wipe out a whole island in Killer Swarm (2008), a German made-for-TV feast of fright that's sure to delight. Set in Mallorca, Spain, the story revolves around a young doctor named Karla (Janin Ullman) who takes her dad to the hospital after he's stung by a bee. Despite not being allergic to bee stings, her father becomes really sick and Karla can't figure out what's going on. But when they get there, the doctors are just as perplexed. This is nothing like a normal bee sting, which can only mean it wasn't the product of a normal bee. With her dad's life on the line, it's up to Karla to figure out the truth. Soon enough, she finds her answer when she comes across a hive of genetically modified monster bees! These buzzing bombs of venom have a sting three times more potent than the meanest bees the world has ever seen, and a single poke is a death sentence for most people! Can anyone find the antidote and save her dad? Will anyone stop these honey making Hellraisers before they take over the island of Mallorca, if not the world? Who cares? As long as the hot hunney Paula Schramm gets to show off her beauteous bea stings in a fetching bikini, life is as sweet as honey. Yes, those big ole bees can have the island as long as her and those amazing boo-bees find a different beach to bounce around on! Had she taken off her top, this flick would've had some real buzz about it! Those hooters bring the heat that will keep you warm watching Killer Swarm!