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Kidding (2018)

Great Nudity!

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A Golden Globe nominee that got the ax after two season, Showtime's Kidding starred Jim Carrey as a very Mr. Rogers-like children's television host who went by the name of Mr. Pickles, and hosted a hugely popular PBS puppet show. When his son dies, Mr. Pickles, whose real name is Jeff Piccirillo, struggles to keep his peppy persona going. As he fights these bad feeling and tries to grieve, he tends to drift off into his puppet filled dream world. But the biggest issue Jeff's dealing with, on top of his crumbling private life, is his new intent to incorporate darker themes into his television show. Mr. Pickles is not the kid's entertainer to mock, since this dude has all sorts of sexy women riding his cock! No kidding! Ginger Gonzaga is one of those gorgeous women, who flashes her funbags throughout the series. Ginger goes topless in bed with Carrey several times, including a shocking moment when she transforms into a puppet giving Jim a handy! You'll be making a cock sock puppet watching those jugs jiggle! Riki Lindhome keeps her clothes on while she takes it doggy style, bending over a couch while the puppet show plays on a television. But the best bit of nudity came from the iconic Judy Greer, who shows off her perfect pair while she lays back in bed topless and flicks the bean while Justin Kirk sucks on her toes. Then she goes for a topless stroll, which clearly gave Mr. Pickles the dirty tickles, since he tries to make out with her. Sit back and do a little masturbating to all the top notch tail the puppetmaster gets on Kidding!