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Just One of the Girls

Just One of the Girls (1992)

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Warning: Do not catch yourself lusting over Corey Haim in drag! We’re not saying that we’ve experienced similar thoughts, but the cross-dressing comedy Just One of the Girls (1992), a.k.a. Anything for Love, might still mislead some poor guy who stumbles across it on cable some night. He was just so damn pretty! A sort of gender swapped remake of Just One of the Guys (1985), Corey stars as Chris, a bullied sixteen-year-old who decides to become a girl named Chrissy to slip past his tormentors. As Chrissy, Chris falls in love with the blonde bombshell Marie (Nicole Eggert) and joins the cheerleading team to spend more time with her. Finding his female persona strangely popular, Chris becomes friends with his bully Kurt (Cameron Bancroft) when the jerk admits why he's been so mean to Chris and his nerdy buddy Dan (Gabe Khouth). Chris' ruse gets found out by his Phys Ed teacher, his parents think Chrissy is his girlfriend, and all sorts of "couldn't do that today" hijinks ensue before Chris is forced to tell everyone the truth. Corey's real-life girlfriend at the time, Nicole Eggert spices up the plot (and provides some lesbian overtones) as Corey’s new best friend, but never manages to show the girls. Neither does Alannis Morissette, who showed up in this one back when nobody knew who she was. Bet she'd have gotten famous faster if she'd shown her set. You oughta know that's true! Instead, it's Stacey Greene and Lisha Snelgrove who liven up this one via the prerackquisite shower scene. Their bodies are truly exquisite, whether you prefer the ponytailed brunette Stacey's tan lines and dark black bush, or Lisha's luscious body that will have you begging to be reincarnated as a bar of soap. Mr. Skin would kill for a night with just one of the girls in Just One of the Girls!